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Divorce and Custody Law, the self licking ice cream cone industry. Volume one-Introduction.

After thirteen years of practicing Divorce and Child Custody law I have begun to question some of the current trends and practices of my chosen profession. As I have told all my clients, divorce will be the most difficult time of your life and your children's lives. Regardless of how angry the two adults may be at one another their actions and decisions have long lasting impacts on their lives and more importantly their children's lives. Yet inevitable most divorces will follow a similar pattern and as a result I have seen the emergence of a cottage industry of other professionals and services that feed upon the machinery of American Divorce.

In this series of articles I will look at these industries and patterns to try to discern the answer to; am I part of the solution or am I part of the problem.

I will explore the emergence of visitation supervisors/monitors, counseling, family counseling, reconciliation counseling, and therapeutic visitation. I will review the emergence of and use of guardian ad litems and parenting coordinators. Lastly I will express my views and opinions of the ever expanding use of "trauma" to children and "PTSD" of service members and how these concepts are used to interfere with parent child relationships.

At the end of the day divorce and child custody matters are extremely difficult and emotional. Too often parents claim to be doing what they believe is in the child's best interest but in reality are merely serving their interests.

Divorce has become an industry all to its own and results in parents often spending thousands of more dollars than even their marital assets are worth. While some cases do require all or some of the services above; far to often I have seen these cottage industries be used and attached to cases with little to no ability to pay for them and receive little to no benefit from them.

So, why a self licking ice cream cone? Because we have created an industry that exists merely to fuel more of the same industry. Much of what we do merely exits to perpetuate itself.